…about design

How do I like my Vitsoe system? I LOVE it!!!! Really, I could design-geek-out for hours about how genius the system is. My husband and I installed: so easy and not one fight! I can not get over the intelligence and beauty of this shelving system.

From a doting designer in New York

One of those rare projects that did not result in any kind of a marital disagreement, just two satisfied people who love the shelves!

From an American bibliophile

By far the best thing about the entire delivery was – of course – the biodegradable packaging material.

Best wishes from Rome
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…about service

I just wish every company in the world was like Vitsoe. Arrived on time, properly packed and secured, and everything you needed inside as ordered. Your company is a credit to all of you working within it.

From an Irish solicitor

I have never had such a positive and intuitive experience such as this with any other manufacturer of any other product.

From a Brooklyn-based artist

Thanks very much for managing so well from the order to the delivery. I’m really impressed.

From Paris, France
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…about installing

I’d wondered idly who Vitsœ would have as installers, and had ruled out multiple body-piercings, tattoos and builder’s bum. I hadn’t got as far as an English Lit graduate who writes the music for his own accomplished band, but it stacked up perfectly. He was completely charming, and his work was meticulous to a fault.

Everyone I’ve dealt with has done exactly what they said they would, from the person answering the phone, to you, to your installer. The money side is refreshing, with everything transparently clear and with no inflated prices to accommodate apparently generous discounts. I deplore the haggling culture.

From leafy Wimbledon

Just wanted to thank you for all your work regarding this job. The shelves have now been installed and once again I am a very happy customer. I also attach a photo of the new system for your reference.

Also could you please convey my thanks to the installation team. They were utterly professional and managed to transform what I thought was going to be a terrible day into a very pleasant experience.

From a radio programme producer

My order was ready waiting for me in the porch when I arrived here on Friday. The high quality packing meant that it was all in pristine condition and the excellent instructions made it a pleasure to fix in place this afternoon.

From the Shetland Isles
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Putting up the system went really well, I’m so satisfied. Everything was really extremely organised and it truly is a piece of furniture to love.

From a Swedish coffee-roaster

Is it odd to derive so much pleasure from a shelf?

…and a few months later:

I love these shelves. They are the utility equivalent of the kind of wine you drink on special occasions.

From a sculptor of renown
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