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Crafted comfort

The heart of the lounge chair base is a coil-sprung mesh-top unit – made by one of the last remaining traditional spring factories in England. It is overlaid with a long-lasting moulded coconut-fibre (coir) and natural rubber pad (many other manufacturers use cut-foam which degrades over time).

The spring unit and coir pad sit snugly in the immaculate CNC-cut birch-plywood base – that provides solidity for the attachment of the arms and back.

Lounge chair and sofa plywood base, long-lasting moulded coconut-fibre (coir) and natural rubber pad. Durable, natural materials.
Chair base: a coir and natural-rubber pad sits over a traditional coil-sprung unit

Made in England

We employ only the most talented people because we know that genuine care and attention-to-detail are appreciated by our customers worldwide.

We have worked for decades with world-class suppliers in a spirit of genuine, mutually beneficial, partnership.

“Good enough” is not a phrase heard above the whirr of drills and chatter of screwdrivers in our purpose-built production building in Royal Leamington Spa in the heart of England.

Lounge chair or sofa assembly and upholstery fitting check.
A final check of the upholstery on the chair base


Wherever you live, there should be no need to make special delivery arrangements. You can carry a four-seat 620 sofa to a fourth-floor apartment, or to the basement. 620 arrives in multiple easily manageable boxes, whatever the size of sofa you have ordered.

Free US delivery, to your door.

All US orders are delivered free of charge by us or our delivery partner.

Materials, dimensions and assembly
Lounge chair or sofa delivered in several compact packages easy to carry inside the house
Surprisingly compact packages will leave door-frames and windows intact

Hidden engineering

Vitsœ, together with Dieter Rams, completely re-engineered the 620 Chair Programme in 2013, right down to the last purpose-designed stainless-steel bolt. The result is a lounge chair that was refined and improved at the most detailed level to ensure its longevity for generations to come.

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Rich heritage

Dieter Rams was 30-years-old when he designed the 620 Chair Programme for Vitsœ in 1962. Using pioneering materials and a concept of modular adaptability, Rams created a chair engineered to outlive its owner.

Just seven years after it first appeared on the market, 620 was copied. Legal action commenced, and in 1973 the 620 Chair Programme was granted copyright protection. The court substantiated: “The design of this chair is a personal, original creation of highly aesthetic value.”

The 60-year history of a remarkable chair
Designer modern lounge chair converted in a two-seater sofa. Dieter Rams and founder, Niels Vitsœ, on a two-seat 620 modular sofa in the late 1980s
Dieter Rams and founder, Niels Vitsœ, on a two-seat 620 sofa in the late 1980s

Dr Hans Wichmann, 1971

“…620 can safely be considered one of the few major furniture designs of the century, alongside those of Breuer, Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier, Aalto and Saarinen”

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What appears to be a handsome solitary lounge chair turns out to be a chair programme with multifarious possibilities.

Designer modern lounge chair, comfortable and stylish low back reading chair, in black leather. Modular sofa if adding seating modules, leather, black. Side table nesting pair 621. Designer 620 Chair. Designer Dieter Rams